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Spot Service

  • “Like a dumpster for tire waste”
  • We park a 28’ or 53’ trailer at your location
  • You load the trailer with tire waste
  • When it is full, we swap the trailer out for an empty one
  • Scheduled on a reoccurring route
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service options

Curbside Collection

  • Pick up the tire waste at your location
  • Scheduled on a reoccurring route or as needed
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service options

The US generates over 300 million tires a year that need to be properly disposed of and recycled.  That is more 800,000 tires a day. To put that into perspective, every year the US generates enough tire waste that it could wrap around the world more than 6 times.  In addition to the sheer volume, tire waste is challenging to deal with.  Tires take up a lot of spaces; they are heavy; they do not easily ship; they hold water which creates mosquito and disease control issues; and if the tire catches on fire it is really bad for the environment.  In many states it is illegal to landfill whole tires and you have to use a licensed tire waste service provider that can properly manage and process the tires.  And then there’s the liability concerns.  If your tire waste ends up at an illegal dumpsite, you can be financial responsible for the environmental cleanup.

Why deal with the headaches or take the risk of not using a dependable and licensed service provider? We’ve been in business since 1983, focused on collecting, processing, and recycling tire waste.  We provide a reliable collection service with a team of professional drivers, we maintain the necessary hauling and processing permits, and we are insured.  We have dedicated customer service and dispatchers that are focused on the daily collection routes.  We collect from over 2,000 retail, commercial, industrial, and government locations, and process over 40,000 tires a day.


We collect passenger, light truck, semi-truck, motorcycle, large OTR (off-the-road), and specialty tires.  We collect all types of tires.


We service tire stores, auto dealerships, repair shops, private and public works fleets, municipalities, transfer stations, wrecking yards, and residential.  If you have tire waste, we’ll come and collect it.

We have a dedicated team of drivers that are focused on collecting tire waste

With 10 strategic service terminals and plants, we locally service customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado. 

With two processing plants and service terminals in California, we provide Curbside and Spot tire waste collection services in Central and Northern California.

With two processing plants and five service terminals in Oregon, we provide Curbside and Spot tire waste collection services throughout the entire state.

With a service terminal in Washington, we provide Curbside and Spot tire waste collection services throughout the entire state.

    With a processing plant and service terminal in Western Idaho, we provide Curbside and Spot tire waste collection services throughout the western and central Idaho area.

    With a processing plant and service terminal just outside of Denver, we provide Curbside tire waste collection services throughout the entire state.

    Do you charge for collecting and recycling tires?

    Yes.  The cost depends on the location and tire size.  For a quote, please Click here.

    Is there a minimum number of tires for service?

    We have a $100 minimum per service order.  

    Can I be added to a recurring route?

    Yes.  Depending on the volume, we can add you to a recurring route multiple times a week, once a week, every other week, or once a month.  

    Do you service residential areas?

    Yes.  The tires need to be accessible from the street.  

    Do you spot trailers?

    Yes, we can provide Spot Trailer service.

    Can I drop off my tires?

    Yes.  You can drop off tires at the Portland and Stockton location.  Click here to learn more about Tire Waste Drop Off locations and business hours.

    Do you recycle anything other than tires?

    No.  All we focus on is recycling tire waste.

    Can the tire be on the rim?

    Yes.  There is an addition on-rim fee.

    Do you cleanup tire stockpiles and dump sites?

    Yes.  Click here to learn more about tire remediation services.

    Can I open a charge account?

    Yes, for commercial accounts that are on recurring routes.  All other pickups are charged at time of pickup.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

    What happens to the tires?

    We do our best to recycle the tires into other uses such as construction material, energy, and mulch.

    Am I legally responsible for my tire waste?

    Yes. Tire waste can be unsightly and a hazard due to potential tire fires that affects the entire community.  They are also a breeding ground for pests and mosquito-borne diseases.  That is why the local authorities have instituted strict laws governing the disposal, reuse and recycling of tire waste through permitted tire waste collection and disposal service providers.  Paying a small fee to dispose of your tire waste with a licensed service provider is a fraction of the fines you might have to pay for not properly disposing of your tire waste according to local law.

    Are you legally permitted to collect tires?

    Yes.  We have necessary permits, insurance, and meet regulatory requirements to collect and process tire waste in the states we operate in.

    What are the regulatory requirements?

    Regulatory requirements are different in each state.  As our customer, we help you through it.