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Supporting the local community

Tire recycling amnesty events promote responsible disposal in your local community.  Many residents don’t know what to do with their used tires and are likely to stockpile them or just leave the lying around.  This is potentially hazardous to humans, wildlife, and the environment.  Organizing regular amnesty programs encourages the community to properly deal with their tire waste that seem to accumulate in the garage or backyard over the years.  When people know where to bring their spare tires, they are less likely to let them sit around, collect water, and perhaps create mosquito breeding rounds.

We have extensive experience helping local authorities plan and manage these amnesty events.  Being licensed to collect and process tire waste in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Colorado insures a proper handling, processing, recycling, and disposal of the tire waste.  Our amnesty service is equipment to efficiently handle large volumes generated during an amnesty event.

Have an Amnesty Event you need help setting up?