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We process tires into renewable energy for cement kilns and power plants. 

Tire derived fuel (TDF) are processed tires prepared for energy consumption.  Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines, specifications, and emissions testing standards – TDF is classified as alternative energy and can utilized as a fuel source for cement kiln, energy facility, pulp and paper mill power boiler, co-gen system, and industrial and utility power boilers.  TDF contains 13,000-15,000 BTUs per pound. According to the U.S. Tire Manufactures Association, over 40% of US tires are processed into TDF. With the proper specifications and feeding system, tire derived fuel can be a viable fuel for:

  • Traveling grate boilers
  • Vibrating grate boilers
  • Bubbling bed combustors
  • Cyclone boilers
  • Circulating fluidized boilers
  • Stage combustors
  • Cement kilns
  • Lime kilns

We sell TDF to meet the following specifications:

  • TDF Type-A 2” minus
  • TDF Type-B 6” minus
  • TDF Pre-Sorted Whole Tires

We can supply TDF throughout the US and export internationally.  Fulfilment can be by the trailer load, container, rail, or bulk load large vessels.