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We recycle tires into rubber mulch

Rubber mulch can be utilized for residential or commercial landscaping projects, made from 100% recycled tire rubber.  Benefits includes:

  • Color lasts up to 12 years
  • Will not decompose over time
  • Retains moisture for plants and gardens
  • A Green Building Material (LEEDS Credits)
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally sustainable

We wholesale rubber mulch to landscapers and gardening supply stores.  The material we sell meets the following specifications:

  • Mulch sizing ranges from ½” to ¾”.
  • Available colors are natural black, black, dark brown, and cypress
  • The rubber mulch is sold and shipped in 2,000 pound bags.
How Much Rubber Mulch Do I Need?

The normal depth for rubber mulch is 2 inches. For every square foot of surface you cover with 2 inches of rubber mulch, you’ll require about 4.4 pounds of material. The following calculator can help you estimate how much rubber mulch you will need.

square feet
Note: Based in the above data

Dark Brown



Natural Black (no paint)


Why should I choose Rubber Mulch over Wood Mulch?

Several reasons.  Rubber mulch is a premium product that will last you 10 years with little yearly maintenance compared to wood mulch. Rubber mulch will not rot, decompose, and since our product is about 5x heavier than traditional mulches, it is less likely to blow or wash away. Typical maintenance can include a yearly top-off, raking heavy traffic areas, and sweeping sidewalks or pathways. It does not harbor pests and decreases weeds.  Rubber mulch is a green product!

Is rubber mulch safe?

Yes, according to the EPA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, ASTM Council, and Mayo Clinic.

What if a child or a pet swallows a rubber chip?

It will pass just as any other non edible item will.  It may result in a stomach ache but, will not breakdown in the stomach.

What if my Dog/Cat is attracted to the rubber mulch?

The rubber mulch is nontoxic for both people and animals.  Animals are generally not attracted to rubber mulch.  We have had reports of animals digging in the mulch as it is much easier than dirt to dig up.  However, mulch is easily replaced simply by racking it back into place.

Is it flammable?

Rubber mulch has been tested and found to be non-flammable in accordance with the Federal Hazardous Substance Act (16CFR 1500.44) by standards of ‘burns less than .1 inches per second’.

Is the paint hazardous?

We only use the best paint in the industry, Amerimulch®. It is a non-hazardous water-based rubber colorant that are free of harmful toxins.  The color-safe technology is safe for plants, animals, and children. Recent lab tests concluded that, when coatings are fully cured according to specifications, Amerimulch products met the criteria established by:

  • The American National Standard Specifications to Minimize Hazards to Children from Residual Surface Coating Materials- F963-96a (4.3.5 Paint and Similar Coating Material).
  • The Consumer Products Safety Act- Considered not to be toxic according to 16 CFR.
  • The Federal Hazardous Substance Act for lead content and flammability.
How long will my rubber mulch last?

Rubber mulch doesn’t rot or decompose like your typical wood mulch.  The product will last you 10 years with little yearly maintenance.

Where do you ship?

We ship across the United States.

How deep should I layer the mulch?

We recommend that you layer the rubber mulch 2″ deep.