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We clean up big tire messes

The company and its founders have overseen the remediation of over 16 million scrap tires from numerous “legacy” tire piles with the mission to recycle or properly dispose of stockpiled tire waste that could be a public health hazard due to mosquito sustenance or an environmental hazard due to fire.  We work close with local governments, companies, and properties owners to understand the scope and costs of their remediation project, prepare a project budget, and provide the remediation services to clean up the property.

We have the necessary permits and equipment to handle tire remediation projects in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.  We have the trained personnel and experience working with contractors to use the right equipment to successfully manage even the largest and most complex tire remediation projects.  Such complex and technical cleanups are exemplified by some of our work in extremely remote areas, steep terrain, and under water environments.  We provide you peace of mind knowing that your tire remediation project was handled responsibly and professionally.

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