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We recycle tires into aggregate for civil engineering and construction projects

Tire derived aggregate (TDA) is recycled tires cut into size specific chips, and utilized for a wide range of public works projects and civil engineering applications.  The material provides the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight fill
  • Permeable, free-draining
  • Vibration mitigating
  • Low earth pressure
  • Good thermal insulator
  • Durable
  • Compressible

We sell TDA to meet the following material specifications:

  • TDA Type-A 2” minus
  • TDA Type-B 6” minus

Order fulfillment ranges from 100 tons to 6,000+ tons depending on your project needs, and can be shipped by truck for projects throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

TDA Applications Include

Engineered Lightweight Fill (ELF) is one of the most common uses for TDA in highway projects. It is lightweight, structurally stable and, therefore, functions as an excellent alternative to conventional soil fill when constructing highway embankments and slide repairs. It improves stability, reduces lateral and vertical pressure plus potential settlement problems

TDA have been proven to be a superior substitute for gravel or structural fill in backfill applications. When TDA is properly placed behind a retaining wall for backfill, it significantly reduces the lateral earth pressure against the wall. TDA is a free-draining material with the same drainage rates as traditional aggregates.

There are multiple ways in which TDA can be used in landfills. Some of these include leachate collection systems, recirculation trenches, gas collection and venting systems, operations layers, cap closures, and alternative daily cover.

Trains typically create a lot of vibrations that filter into the neighborhoods. TDA acts as an energy absorber and helps attenuate these issues.