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Castle Tire acquires Ray’s Tires Exchange

What’s the news? Castle Tire, a leading service provider focused on collecting, processing, and recycling tire waste across seven western states, today announced it has acquired Ray’s Tire Exchange.  Ray’s Tires provides tire waste collection services in the Reno and Lake Tahoe markets.

Effective June 17th, 2022, all Ray’s Tires customers will be locally serviced by Castle Tire’s team.  Day 1 will be business as usual.  Our Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe customers will be locally serviced by the Castle Tire team located in Reno, Nevada.  The tire waste will be processed at Castle’s Stockton and Sacramento recycling facilities.

Neil Forsyth, Owner of Ray’s Tire Exchange 
“We started the business back in 1968 to serve Reno’s growing need for tire waste collection services and people wanting to buy low cost used tires.  I’m proud of what we built and running this business for over a half century.  I’m now in my 80’s and look forward to retiring.  My employees and customers will be in good hands with the Castle Tire team.”

Chandos Mahon, CEO of Castle Tire (
“We are honored to be Neil’s succession plan.  Our plan is to quickly transition customers over to Castle, continue to provide curbside service, introduce spot trailer and bin service to the market, and work on improving service reliability for our new customers.”

About Castle Tire:
Castle Tire is a leading service provider focused on collecting, processing, and recycling tire waste, supporting customers in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado. We collect from over 2,500 retail, commercial, industrial, and government locations, and process over 50,000 tires a day.  In addition, we provide remediation and amnesty events for various government clients. 

About Ray’s Tires Exchange:
Neil Forsyth’s family started Ray’s Tires Exchange in 1968 to address the growing demand for tire waste services in Reno Nevada, and to be a reliable tire shop that provides the local community affordable used tires.  This quickly grew to servicing customers throughout Northwest Nevada and Sierra Nevada area, with customers in Reno, Carson City, Truckee, and Lake Tahoe.