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Month: October 2021

Castle Tire acquires Tri-C Tire


What’s the news?
Castle Tire, a leading service provider focused on collecting, processing, and recycling tire waste across five western states, today announced it has acquired Tri-C Manufacturing.  Tri-C provides tire waste collection services in the Northern California market and recycles tires into a crumb rubber that’s utilized in rubber molding applications.

Effective immediately, all Tri-C customers will be locally serviced by Castle Tire’s team.  Day 1 will be business as usual.  To support our Northern California customers, Castle Tire will continue to operate from Tri-C’s Sacramento facility, along with Castle Tire’s existing collection teams based in Stockton, Clearlake, and Redding.

Clyde Lamar, Founder of Tri-C Tire
“We’ve been servicing Northern California customers since the 1980’s with tire waste collection services, and over the last 10 years we’ve been working hard to create some of the highest quality crumb in the US.  I’m proud of what we’ve created over the years.  I’m now in my 80’s and look forward to retiring.  Caste Tire and Tri-C share the same values in doing what’s right for the environment, and I believe my employees and customers are in good hands with the Castle Tire team.”

Chandos Mahon, CEO of Castle Tire
“Clyde has built a successful business over the years with a loyal group of customers and employees.  He has put in place the right transportation assets that allow tire waste customers to be serviced with bins, trailers, and curbside pick up.  Clyde has been innovative with building machines that can process tires into crumb, allowing the rubber and steel to be recycled into new products, it is impressive.  I’ve seen a lot of crumb rubber over the years, and Tri-C is always at the top of the list for quality.  We are honored to be Clyde’s retirement plan and to continue his legacy.  Our focus going forward is to continue to improve service reliability for our waste tire customers, and to make sure we maintain the crumb quality for our rubber molding customers.”

About Castle Tire
Castle Tire is a leading service provider focused on collecting, processing, and recycling tire waste, supporting customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Colorado. We collect from over 2,000 retail, commercial, industrial, and government locations, and process over 40,000 tires a day.  In addition, we provide remediation and amnesty events for various government clients.

About Tri-C Tire
Clyde Lamar started Tri-C Manufacturing in 1980 to manufacture purpose-built shredders for tire recycling.  That evolved into the tire waste collection and processing operation in Sacramento, known as Tri-C Tire, servicing tire waste customers up and down the I-5 corridor from Stockton to Redding.  Tri-C Tire’s facility expanded with a granulation system and quickly became a leader in producing high quality crumb for rubber product manufactures.